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Biosa’s Color sorter machine is the winner of the Innovation Competition at the Plovdiv International Fair

This year BIOSA presented at AGRA, Plovdiv the latest model of Single-channel Color Sorter from Meyer Optoelectronic Inc. The machine is characterized by high functionality and working precision and and is suitable for small warehouses and farms, as well as for laboratories for analysis of seeds and cereals.

Thanks to innovative development of infrared cameras and precise machune’s technology, the Color 

Sorter easily sorts a wide range of cereals and nuts by shape, color, size and density and accurately separates impurities of different nature and matter. The Newest Single-channel Color Sorter machine is easy-to-operate and has small body and a compact shape. The high quality of the machine were also appreciated by the organizers of the exhibition, who awarded it with First Place and Diploma for winner in the Innovation Competition, Section - Machinery, Equipment and Technologies.

Among the other machines that BIOSA presented to AGRA the modern and highly efficient machine for the production of biomass pellets. The Pellet press is one of the most actual machines during the Winter season, as it produces the most modern and clean fuel on the market.

The BIOSA’s team is working hard to expanding the range of offered products and makes possible for Bulgarian and European farmers and companies to work with innovative and highly efficient equipment of the latest generation.