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A modern device with innovative technology for 3D diagnostics and digital imaging with a wide range of applications in dentistry and medicine was installed this week in the office of Dr. Deyan Slavov in Ruse. As one of the leading dentists in Ruse, Dr. Slavov, enables his patients to receive treatment at the highest technological and professional level. The new 3D diagnostic device gives options for a wide range of methods for diagnosis and treatment in specific areas of dentistry, such as endodontics, periodontology, oral surgery, orthopantomography and others. The device was developed and manufactured by the world giant, company Meyer Optoelectronic and it is a subject of precise engineering research and analysis. As the Meyer's exclusive representative for Europe, BIOSA made it possible to deliver this innovative product to Ruse. The intelligent device displays precise 3D images in a format compatible with other software, which optimizes performance and leads to quality, fast and easy operation. Its CT-cone ray is the most reliable and revolutionary device for examining the oral cavity and the human skull. The X-ray generator moves in a circle around the object (180-360 degrees) with very low radiation. For a very short time after the radiography, the data is processed by the computer and displayed on the screen as a 3D image.

CBCT technology is of epoch-making importance for medicine and human oral health.