X-ray detector for foreign particles

Explanation :

Foreign matter detection-precisely rejects the impurities difficult to detect such as  metal, stone, glass, ceramic, sand, soil, true, fecal pellets, bones, shell etc. 
Unique multi-identification algorithm – detects various impurities
Perfect artificial intelligence algorithm – searches the best detecting accuracy automatically according to the raw material features
60-channels air gun separator (optional) – brings the minimum loss
Highly reliable performance – equipped with industrial air-conditioner, airtight case, tolerating the long-term working environment with high or lower temperature
Latest designed conveying belt and the X-ray protecting curtain – easly disassemble for washing and can be washed by high pressure air gun which meets the requirements of HACCP for food enterprise 
World initial fast rejection device of 60 ejectors brings the minimum loss and higher detection precision 
Imported high resolution X-Ray sensor with unique algorithm effectively detects the foreign matters 
17”touch screen with parameters self-learn system enables operation 
The latest worm-eaten detection algorithm can detect the worm-eaten defects of the product 

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