About Us

BIOSA Ltd. Is an exclusive representative for Europe of one of the worlds leading manufacturers of optical sorters, pelleting machines and X-ray detectors - MEYER Optoelectronic, China. The production of MEYER Optoelectronic is well-known throughout the world and has all the necessary certificates that guarantee high quality and good working efficiency.

BIOSA Ltd. can offer both individual modular processing units and a fully integrated technical solution for installing the necessary complex equipment for sorting, cleaning, X-ray detection and packaging.
MEYER branding technologies can be effectively used in the production of nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.) for sorting grain, cereals, seeds, legumes, plastic or glass fragments in order to obtain high quality of the raw materials and achieving a purity of 99.95%.
BIOSA Ltd. offer new generation innovative technologies with wide range of application:
   - High-tech medical equipment for panoramic radiography, orthopantomography, cephalometry.
  - Unmanned tethering hovering hexacopters with professional use and application in agriculture, communications, traffic control, protection and prevention of disasters etc.