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CF+ Series Cereal Color Sorter

Simple and easy for use and operating system.

High Sorting Precision.

The world's best 2048 CCD sensor with very high resolution, high level of object recognition and incomarable precision

Greater efficiency in detecting and sorting of miniature particles.

Lower breaking factor.

More precise and convenient light adjustment system.

Wireless operation system for remote monitoring and control

New anti-dusting system with high level of dust removal and better sorting result

Automatic diagnostics for problems and errors.

Self-diagnosis of malfunctions of a different nature.


Single Channel Color Sorter

Suitable for both laboratories and small industries.

Quickly and easily sorts color small samples and produces products of different color.

Easy-to-use operating system, compact form.

Color Sorter Series 1

Suitable for sorting larger nuts, such as walnuts and others

More professional, more hyper-spectral with innovative hyper-spectral infrared technology

Unique method of sorting directed to the core and shell

Much more accurate in sorting with high speed infrared sensors with precision for small size impurities

New full spectrum high-performance infrared system with high power, efficiency, long life and lower cost.

A much more robust, automatic, environmentally friendly image adjustment method.

Much more reliable, lightweight design, reduced dust levels guarantee high precision.

Large Product Series Sorters

Focus, Triplus and Nexus are 3 huge-output optical sorter series specially developed to sort products with various optical defects. They can be used for vegetables (such as carrot, potato, soya bean), sea foods, confectionary as well as other big materials.

During the product  scanning  can be detected and remove  products with deformation and foreign objects.

High speed vibrator technology, amplitude can be up to 2cm, ensure stable and even in-feeder;

Intelligent sorting, modular design, online update and perfect 24/7 (remote) after - sale support, leaving users no worries

Unique techlogy of IR shadow reduction, greatly decrease sorting defection, improve output

X-ray detector for foreign particles

Foreign matter detection-precisely rejects the impurities difficult to detect such as  metal, stone, glass, ceramic, sand, soil, true, fecal pellets, bones, shell etc. 
Unique multi-identification algorithm – detects various impurities
Perfect artificial intelligence algorithm – searches the best detecting accuracy automatically according to the raw material features
60-channels air gun separator (optional) – brings the minimum loss
Highly reliable performance – equipped with industrial air-conditioner, airtight case, tolerating the long-term working environment with high or lower temperature
Latest designed conveying belt and the X-ray protecting curtain – easly disassemble for washing and can be washed by high pressure air gun which meets the requirements of HACCP for food enterprise 
World initial fast rejection device of 60 ejectors brings the minimum loss and higher detection precision 
Imported high resolution X-Ray sensor with unique algorithm effectively detects the foreign matters 
17”touch screen with parameters self-learn system enables operation 
The latest worm-eaten detection algorithm can detect the worm-eaten defects of the product 

Рентгенов детектор за чужди частици X-Ray

LD Series belt0type color sorter

Multiple lighting resources illumination technology achieving full angle detecting and sorting Belt conveying, steady falling, perfect output High-end CCD_Unique Algorithm, Incomparable

LDS Series belt-type color sorter

a special model suitable for frozen fruits and vegetables

Double view on both sides of the object Double better solution for material recognition System for more detailed viewing of the object Detecting very small defects with incredible efficiency