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SY121H is a unmanned airplane designed for use in agriculture and industry, as well as disaster prevention, measurement, fertilization, roadside control, photography and surveillance missions.
High total airplane output and 120 kg actual take-off weight
150 W air generator and stabilized power supply with rectifier, support aviation equipment and load requirements
The pilot can choose between three modes of flight: Smart mode, Manual plus mode, Manual mode. In Smart mode, fields can be easily planned without the need for cartographic knowledge or software.


SY141HR is an agricultural unmanned hexacopter, designed for precision variable rate application of liquid pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. Powerful propulsion system enables SY141HR to carry up to 15kg of liquid payloads, combined with the speed means that the area of one hectare (10 000 sq m) can be covered in just 15min.
It support three flight modes: Smart mode, Manual Plus and Manual mode.
Intelligent spraying system automatically adjust its spray according to the flying speed so that an even spray is always applied.
Automatically records its coordinates. When operation is interrupted  for recharging, SY141HR automatically returns to its last working position.  Highly portable with foldable design 


SY4000T provides exceptional observation and surveillance capabilities. It supports a variety of military, homeland security and civilian missions, including surveillance, border patrol, crowd monitoring, traffic control, communication relay, emergency rapid response, firefighting and disaster prevention.