Digital HD system for 3D visualization




Modern instrument with innovative technology for 3D diagnostics and digital imaging with various dental applications - endodontics, parodontology, orthopantomography, oral surgery, and others. Provides precise 3D images in a format compatible with other software that optimizes performance and gives quality, fast and easy operation.












Mainstream configuration of the medium field of view (FOV), flat panel detector. The specially designed high-tech system performs a complex check of the startup status of the machine. The System Diagnostic Program allows the detection and fixation of a problem without the need for specialized knowledge.









High resolution of digital images

Specialized 3D diagnostics software

Reliable and professional display of images

Precision 3D diagnostic software and image visualization


Presently cone beam CT is the most promising and revolutionary device of oral and skull imaging equipment. Its X-ray generator will move around the object for annular DR with low radiation and after radiograph around the object for times (180-360o), the joined data will be reconstructed by the computer to get the 3D image.


The application of CBCT has epoch-making meaning to oral health.