Biosa Ltd in Bata Agra 2018

Between 15-18.05.2018 Biosa EOOD took part in International Specialized Agricultural Exhibition in Stara Zagora  - BATA AGRO 2018. BIOSA presented the latest product in its range - unmanned agricultural spraying drones for application in plant protection.

Model SY141HR is an agricultural unmanned hexacopter, designed for precise application of various categories of liquid pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. This machine creates a smart, accurate and effective way to operate in plant protection. Its powerful drive system allows it to carry up to 15 to 20L, which combined with speed means that 10,000 square meters can be processed in just 15 minutes. The intelligent sprinkler system automatically adjusts its spraying, having in mind the flying speed. In this way the quantity of pesticides or fertilizers is precisely regulated to avoid contamination and to save work. Advantage is that the agricultural drones presented by BIOSA have more than one function - they can spray, but after replacing the module - they can be fitted with an ordinary or infrared camera to monitor or scan the field.


Also, BIOSA exhibited several machines for pre-cleaning of seeds and kernels, such as a Gravity  table, which separates damaged seeds (diseased, defective) and an Double air-screen cleaner that aspirates the material and cleans it from dust and light impurities and at the same time partially calibrates it by size). Machines are compact and energy-saving. Easy to handle and maintain. Their effectiveness has been greatly improved. There was also presented a weighing and packing machine for paper and PP packaging from 5 to 50kg. Dosing accurately, glue or sewing depending on extra equipment. They are suitable for packing biomass, nuts, forage.

BIOSA is a successful participant in the exhibition and its meetings with hundreds of Bulgarian and foreign farmers.